About Us

When we were fulfilling last-mile deliveries, we were aware of the inefficiencies. Monday's are usually high on deliveries, and it was a Monday.
Five of our delivery executives were stuck for more than 30 minutes at a tech park to deliver parcels from different clients.
That was an Aha Moment for us
We finally found why last-mile supply chain was so inefficient. Being passionate about solving real-world problems, we spent more than six months on the ground to solve the problem in 'Exprs' way!!
We then started building the Nano Distribution Network called Exprs Points with a dedicated team at each location.
Our network has now made last-mile deliveries seamless, efficient, cost-effective and much faster. Returns have become almost negligible.
Our first million orders have taken a year, and the second was double fast. The third is on the way.
Our vision is to build World's largest Network of location-based, technology-driven, Nano Distribution Centres, enabling seamless connectivity of businesses & Consumers.
We have miles to travel, and the journey just started.