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Get seamless access to consumers with high purchasing power with our intelligent pre & post purchase services stack.

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From Package Management to People Engagement, Exprs solutions make community Vibrant. Unleash the power of community.

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Get the best of everything with Exprs.
From products to services, all with our phygital interface.

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eCommerce Companies

Increased Efficiencies Enhanced Strike Rate Lowered delivery costs Best Customer Experience


Easier Package Management Lesser Stranger Entries Reduced Congestion Better liveability


Zero Package Anxiety Greater Convenience

proximity is the future .

Some Words about Us

About Exprs

The last mile is the most challenging link of the Supply chain. It consumes ~40% of the entire logistics costs. With the growing eCommerce and D2C companies, the problem impacts multifold negatively. On the other hand, communities are highly vulnerable due to unknown entries to deliver parcels.

Exprs is here!

We are a fast-growing & rapidly expanding network of connected neighbourhood hubs across gated communities, tech parks and other high demand clusters in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Mumbai.

We help eCommerce brands, delivery companies, and D2C players make their last-mile super-efficient. At the same time, communities exponentially reduce the stranger entries and, finally, benefit the customer with greater convenience & control.

Exprs Vision :

Exprs envisions to build largest platform of proximity for seamless transactions between Business & Consumers.

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Tonnes of carbon emission reduced


We are in the Proximity of

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    1st Floor, Advant Towers Plot No 4, Kavuri Hills, Madhapur, Telangana 500081

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